Welcome to Aire Valley Music

Aire Valley Music is a private company set up to produce and promote songs, music and literature from the Aire valley area of Yorkshire.

The first of these is the introduction and launch of some of Emily Brontë’s poems set to music and sung by Janet Jones.


A Fresh Wind Waves ~ Emily Brontë poems set to music and sung by Janet Jones

The original version of ‘A Fresh Wind Waves’ was conceived many years ago and released as an EP on vinyl. This re-mastered CD uses the original voice and piano as well as the new addition of the cello. This is a strong combination.

fresh wind wave original ep

Front cover of the original vinyl EP


Some Ideas for New Projects ~ Coming soon

Poetry section ~ published and unpublished songs with a Brontë or Aire Valley connection.

Children’s corner ~ Games, crosswords, word searches, competitions, music to play, art work, photography.

Personal Memoirs ~ A journey through Janet’s life.


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